1994 SCMR 1028


Per Nasim Hasan Shah, C.J.

(a) Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Articles 14 & 184(3)

NASIM HASAN SHAH, CJ.- The cognizance of this matter was taken up by this Court suo motu as a question of public importance namely the validity of public hangings and execution of punishments in public arose herein. [p. 1029]A

(b) Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Articles 14 & 184(3)

According to this provision the dignity and self-respect of every man has become inviolable and this guarantee is not subject to law but is an unqualified guarantee. Accordingly, in all circumstance, the dignity of every man is inviolable and executing in public, even the worst criminal, appears to violate the dignity of man and constitutes, therefore, a violation of the fundamental right contained in Article 14. [p. 1030]B